Economy in Phoenix Point world?

Is there an economy in Phoenix Point world? Sarkari Result Can will sell stuff to others and see dynamic changes in the Pnr Status selling price because of demand changes? Does stuff traded impacts the faction survival against the alien? Does the alien participate in trade?

I hope we will see some of it in next Backers Build.

I’m not sure if developers will share such detailed information here. But remember that there is no global economy anymore. Maybe some prices will change during trade with some particular havens, but I’m not sure if it will affect whole world. I suppose that some havens will just want something in exchange for something else. They won’t buy anything that you would like to sell them.

Maybe it will increase strength of particular haven defence.

And I highly doubt that aliens will participate in trade. :wink: They may try to interrupt trade routes between havens, but other that that? I don’t know.

They will be trading bullets with you, though.

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And bodies.
One alien corpse for a mind-controlled human, anyone?


Trade routes with aliens? What is this, The Phantom Menace? :smiley:

On a more serious note, the world economy has gone down the drain with the rest of society, and Money has been replaced with Food, Tech and Materials.

Thinking in a PP Economy, havens give you resources if you help them out during alien attacks, and in the current BB3 the reward is higher if they are getting stomped by the aliens, you can see how the fight’s going with a small purple strip surrounding the under attack haven.

I would guess in the final game selling your own resources is a feature, as it was present in both OGXCom and FiraXCom. There’s also a promised feature for stealing the other factions, but no word if you can steal something and then sell it.

Sounds like a deal! I will just put that human over here in my base. I have a spare spot next to the armoury.

I remember reading that some where back a while ago. Stealing would damage your respect from havens. I wasn’t sure if it was just when you were helping a haven from an attack. If you open the crates in the mission and take the contents if that is ‘stealing’… or if you actually land and specifically attack them to steal from them.