Economy Exploit

Found it exploit to create techs/materials.

How replicate:

  1. Go to personel/equipment.
  2. Drop some items to recycle/scrap window (especially that with tech).
  3. Drop anything to manufacture items, and close window.

After point 3 all previously recycled items go back to store again.
And start over from point 2, over and over.

You can spend it resources for resources for vechicles that wasnt affect exploit.

So game after scrapping updates but doesn’t save inventory status and when you enter manufacturing screen with link from personnel screen it restores previous inventory state while you still have resources from that scrapping. Nice catch.

yea, excacly.

If you scrap an item on a soldier then it also updates the inventory state so the bug doesn’t occur.

I have confirmed it seems to happen when scrapping stuff from your stores and then going to manufacture something and escaping.

Edit: If you look when scrapping from the stores, your storage value (i.e. Storage 100/200) doesn’t change when scrapping. I think this is an indication it doesn’t update immediately.

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