While scrapping items, some get locked and you have to scrap them 1 at a time

Hi there,

I noticed yesterday while I wanted to scrap items (got some new rookies from a rescue soldier missions and their gear I was scrapping) that I had to scrap them at a time. Because when I added 1 of the items to the que, the rest got creyed out and couldnt be scrapped :confused:

This causes scrapping of multiple items to take up ALOT of time compared to what it should…

If its a bug, please fix it :slight_smile:

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Known bug too, also happening with independent soldiers stuff and I think not researched items yet from missions

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should it be here?

my bad, moving that clip now, thanks

Happens to me too. It might be due to one of my mods.
Workaround: scroll a bit up or down and you will be able to scrap the item. Rinse and repeat.

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No, it`s not your mods. I have this bug too, without mods.

Happens to me and im not running any mods.

@etermes dident know it was a known issue. Guess its just confirmation that its still in the game then :sweat_smile:

Scraping works as well from loadout UI. I didn’t see any bugs there.