Echo Head Augmentation: Weight?

The Echo head lists 20 armour, 0, 0, 10 stealth, 0, but no mention of weight in the augmentation screen. Does anyone know if it has weight? I haven’t seen one in game.

AFAIK no weight means no weight, i.e. 0 weight like the Synedrion infiltrator helmet.
To check this take off all equipment and compare the numbers in encumberance with your armor weight at all.

Never seen one in game to check. Was going through the augmentations in the personnel tab and noticed it was the only one w no weight listed.

Yes, few items have no weight… They have anti-gravity function build in. :slight_smile: So many things to alter in a mod.

thank you…

For the Echo Head explicitly: You put your normal head away and get a new one. A mechanical head that weighs less than a human is not so unimaginable.

But it has an armor build in. :slight_smile:

Yes, but maybe a ‘brain’ with less weight :stuck_out_tongue:

But it has stuff to emit anti-waves to suppress sound from even the biggest weapons. This has to fit somewhere. :slight_smile:

All about Synidrion super leightweight hightech.

Ok, basically I’m on your side, everything has to have some weight.
Let’s end this jokespam here. :zipper_mouth_face: