BB5 Armor balance suggestion

Hey, I won’t write just another BB5 feedback, today I want to share a more unique balance for amors.

  • Phoenix Point: Jack of all trades, just the allrounder, no weaknesses or strenghts
  • New Jericho: Armor/protection is all we need
  • Synedrion: Most advanced technology, decent armor and lightwight, like the surgeon scalpel
  • Disciples of Anu: Lightweight speed for melee combat

Snipers need more speed, you want to reach the highground if possible and keep your enemies as far away as possible. You don’t need much protection.

The Assaults need decent protection and speed, most versatile soldier on the battlefield so they need to have a good balance.

Heavy, yeah, just read all the comments about useless heavy soldiers… they really need more speed and accuracy, i just increased the weight of the NJ one to compensate.

Armor stats in BB5:

Armor stats optimized by me:

Download as .xlsx

seems ok for me :slight_smile: Except that maybe armor for snipers give too high accuracy. And overall I would increase weight of all of armor items, where Synedrion still would have it more light than others. :wink:

It might need some additional optimization but it is hard on some values, original weight of most armors are 5-6 regardless of armor values. If you want more difference you have to increase and decrease some.

Haven’t touched the accuracy for snipers that much, bit less for NJ and bit more for PP, but all sniper armors have less armor than before. If you want to use light armor with accuracy on other soldiers you have to deal with the low armor. Less accuracy for snipers is not needed, only the SY sniper has surpreme accuracy. I don’t want my snipers to miss every second shot.

More weight for all? I tried to decrease it for SY to make weight and accuracy unique for them, the armor itself looks like light materials and not heavy. And a light armor should weigh less than one with higher armor value.
Anu armor is very low too, their unique thing is extreme movement speed. More weight doesn’t fit to the more speed.

Every faction has its own unique thing, at the moment it feels very similar, some armor parts are just crap

I can appreciate how heavy armour could lead to a decrease in a soldier’s accuracy, but why would a sniper’s armour lead to an increase in accuracy, what is it doing exactly?

The helmet might provide a HUD showing wind direction or some such, okay fair enough, but leg armour?

(This is in relation to the current armour stats in game, not your suggestion Ryu)

I really get what you mean, I was thinking the same and thought about why the developers did it this way.

I think the best answer is, if you would give only helmet the +accuracy in the value of the snipers armor set, the helmets would be a “must use” item for anyone or you would have to give other helmets also a good bonus.
It is like the Anu’s armor, they have +5 and +7 to speed, it might be needed to split these onto the other parts too. But Anu still has the lowest armor from all factions!

You just have to take into account that only PP uses multi class soldiers and mixed armor parts. They need to be good at set and one part of it shouldn’t be a must-have pick for all other, at least without big disadvantage (eg low armor).

And of course you could just ask the same question about +speed on body armor, it does not fit together.

quite simple. in light armour you can take more comfortable position to take a precision shot

So not wearing an armor should bring additional accuracy and speed … no ?
Should we create an incentive to not wear armor ? Some kind of risk reward stuff …

EDIT: not saying that what you said was wrong, just rebounding on it

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If you ask me,
your speed should be related to your percentage of your loadout (so Strenght would become more important, not only for heavies).
So let say, below 75% you get +2 to speed. At the same time, every type of armour got a reduction on speed, while everything above light (sniper, infiltrator, priest) got also a reduction on accuracy.
I know that we don’t see it in the game, but there is a difference in mobility and your overall flexibility if you are wearing light armour (while sniper looks more like uniform and concealable kevlar) with some kevlar on torso, OR full body armour with ceramic plates everywhere and neck protection.

So if you want to create a glass-cannon, extremely fast berserker, hit and run guerilla tactic style… be my guest.
But if you want to create a sniper able to survive some reaction shots while being exposed on the roof, you have to wear some light armour.
while wearing heavy armour should reduce your accuracy as you are unable to adjust your cheek pad of your rifle because of your full armour neck protector and mounted weapon system.

I thought about it too @kane, that could be really cool if its based on your loadout. But changing everything again won’t happen that fast and I rather like to see some adjustments and a release these year than trying to change everything over and over again with new release dates.


Agree :slight_smile: I was just presenting my point how I would see that, in reply to @pantolomin question. I was walking, running, climbing with different sets of loadout. trust me there is an impact on accuracy :slight_smile:

It’s not a speed penalty, if you are using your pistol you move as an assault, it’s an AP one because aiming with a meter and half long rifle with telescopic sight takes more time than doing it with an H&K MP5.
The weight you dont have in the armor you have in the rifle, a sniper rifle is not something you carry around that easily and aiming takes more time and should be near to impossible at point blank range.

I suppose we should not get into why some part of armor gives something, but how much it gives. It is all relative and subject to balance. We can imagine that every soldier have way higher stats, and that armors only subtract values. Sniper helmet 0 from accuracy, heavy helmets a lot more. :slight_smile: It is just the case on what level developers want to start with values.

I can imagine a sniper helmet with a VR system connected to the aim of you rifle, like those of fighter pilots that automatically aim where you are looking an lock the target without any action from you, could add accuracy, but sure not pants and body armor.

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I’m now getting visions of light armour being fitted with a cushion to go under the sniper’s arris. :wink:

Armor can be fitted so that it stabilises muscles to reduce natural sway/shaking. Heck it could even come with interior components that actively work on the wearers body as its worn.

This isn’t Medieval times where armor is just shaped plates of metal linked together that is draped over someone. Armor in this setting is more along the lines of advanced technology driven body suits, meaning there can be all manner of internal components such as actuators around joint areas that ease the wearers ability to move whilst wearing it.

They probably would be extremely padded, including in that region. Yes.

Again. We’re not talking about Medieval era armor suits here.

I know, but I meant on the outside, kinda strapped on…

You are talking about power armor Fallout style; looking at the art maybe the armor of heavies could be something like that, even if IMHO it seems something lighter, but snipers one looks more a light body armor worn under a raincoat, with some perception enhancing helmet like the night vision ones of special troopers

Olympic shooters, target not trap or skeet, wear heavy leather jackets, even in the summer at Rio, to reduce natural muscle movements, but they shoot at a fixed target; a sniper; unless is shooting at someone sitting; has to shoot at a moving target; maybe not fast as a flying clay disk but sure not standing there asking to be shot at