Don't see enemies in fog?

I want such fog too it makes immune to shooting lol. What a weird design. Grenades combats? I would name it grenade boredom, I hadn’t expect pledge a grenades game but a shooting game, grenades is crap gameplay, no cover, no angle, not really any distance factor just basic range factor, no thanks.

Have sirene hidding in such fog was too much for me, I was borederline fed up because of the bad UI design elements and bugs, but ok enough. /End of ragequit

Could be a ragequit so not in an objective mood, but current game state is exhausting, another release fail this is hidden Early Access.

It is frustrating and it is pretty obvious by now that quite a bit of polishing is needed down the road. However, I think you know deep down it is still a great game and you will get back to it :wink:

(By the way, I finished my first play through without grenades or heavies)

Yeah its weird how ALL xcom and x-com games have smoke grenades but not this one.

Your opinion, not mine, no deep down at all, on Steam this game would have a thumb down vote from me.

But yeah I’ll try again after a serious patch. Right now it’s still Early Access and I’m not used to play such games.