Does the mutog have a human voice, that sounds like a really tired Borat, for anyone else?

I encountered Mutogs for the first time, as it was my first time raiding a DoA base to steal a Tiamat.

There were 6 mutogs at this base. I’ve gotta say that they were really easy to take down. One of the less threatening enemies in the game. Only one even got close enough to attack, and it swiped a turret for 10 damage and 25 daze.

But the weird part was that the mutogs were talking. It sounded like they had the really tired Borat-sounding voice from the humans. The one where the person sounds like they haven’t had coffee, and took several Ambien an hour before. For example, when the person is nearly dead or panicked, they say “Got to get calm” in the most calm voice ever.

The first mutog I shot in the face, and it said, “ahhh, that hurt” in the tired Borat voice. And they all ended up doing this whenever i shot them. They would sometimes talk when moving around the battlefield like humans would.

Is that… a bug?

No bugs come only in DL and C, they make noise like sexy time of George Bush.


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