Do I need to manually loot?

I’m a new player, sorry if this have been asked before:

  1. Are all crates automatically looted after battle?

  2. Are all monster loot have to be picked up manually?

Thank you!

One doesn’t need to manually loot. However, the first time chests are opened, the unit receives some will power.

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Thanks! How about alien weapon drops, I don’t have to pick them up manually?

Only if you want to use it during the mission.

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You also need to manually loot on missions where you do not “secure” the area by clearing all the enemies. For example, any mission where you have to extract, such as an ambush mission, or just if you’re evacing from difficult mission. You will only take what you have picked up.


In my experience, even if you do pick up an enemy’s weapon during a mission, you still won’t get it at the end.

It irritates me slightly that the stuff you scavenge at the end of missions is pretty much only ammo and medkits - it’s practically never weapons themselves.


I think that only if you open them - you don’t have to move items. Those not opened aren’t looted automatically after mission. Or I am wrong here?

As Kevin said.

You mean that you don’t have that weapon in summary screen after mission or you don’t get it in your inventory after mission? From what I have experienced any additional weapon picked up during mission is transferred to the general stores. Have that changed?

That is other story. It is probably because of two reasons:

  • there is reverse engineering available when you find new weapons. So devs cut weapon drops from crates so the players won’t reverse engineer every weapon available in the game after couple of missions. :slight_smile:
  • weapons have a nice cost so even if you have them researched you still can scrap them for resources. So those from missions would be additional income which probably wasn’t balanced by the development team - that is why weapons aren’t frequent drop during missions.

But as a player you can bypass that by mind controling enemies and giving enemy’ weapons to your soldiers, before you release unit control to the enemy.


I believed we removed the ability to access the inventory of mind-controlled enemies.


Damn :frowning: I haven’t noticed that. Also patch notes don’t include this information.

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From these answers I need to re-ionvestigate these possibilities! I haven’t been checking crates unless I needed the will, and I haven’t been picking up weapons!

I hope the devs can clarify on this? thanks

I all most never open crates, and if it’s a normal ending mission (no evac) I always recover goods.

Question is if from fallen enemies or also from crates.

Btw I often receive loot even if there was no such drop from enemies and it wasn’t in any of the crates. So part of reward after mission may be just tied to your performance and how grateful haven is to you.

Did you open every crate?

In previous playthrough I tried to do that. I always tried to leave one enemy bleeding and then make fast run to every crate with all my assaults. Most often they are empty or just with some ammo inside.