Just won game with disciples of anu

disciples are the best faction hands down. I do not see how its possible to beat the last level with the other factions since they do not have psychic abilities. Mind control was the only way to beat the endless hordes of crap that is thrown at you on the last level. I used the exalted mind crush to kill yugotthian recepticle since it has so many hit points and willpower can be regenerated infintely unlike ammo which alot of players run out off on the last level. I really wish I had realized sooner how op disciples mind control was it would have made the game much easier. I would have spammed nothing but priests with a couple of berserkers and one or two jericho or synedrion snipers too headshot sirens.

Its funny I only chose diciples because they were freakish and fun I did not know they would turn out to be the best faction in the game. Yea mutog sucks but really all the vehicles are shit for all the factions with the exception of the scarab. The scarab is decent mathematicallly because it has four shots and on average will kill four to five enemies per game while maiming a few more as welll, even though it only costs 3 slots on a transport. in an intense battle well placed shots from a scarab into groups of pandorians can turn the tide.

on a side note I actually experimented with synedrion and jericho and tried out all their classes and weapons. synedrion spider mines were helpful but I found that jerichos technician turret was not useful in urban warfare on levels where there was alot of cover and places to hide and stuff. While the spider mines would actually seek out enemies that were hiding behind things. This was especially important with the sirens which were hardest to fight on levels where there was alot of cover and places to hide. Really the only open map I remember was the citadels where snipers could just mow down the queen and the pandorians with ease since there weren’t many objects to hide behind there. Also base defense was the only other open map since it has a choke point at the entrance that the pandorians have to come through thats easy to guard with ranged weapons such as gauss rifles, technician turrets. in the hand grenade category jericho fire grenade was the most useful for flushing out sirens and other pandorian units that liked to hide and ambush. fire grenades were really useful for base defense at the entrance point. I did not find the diciples acid grenades to be that great since the damage over time was just too low since most of the battles were fast paced and over pretty quickly.

over all the game was poorly balanced, buggy, sloppy, yet underneath its many flaws it was interesting. I believe that the 80 percent phoenix point recieved on gamespot review was too high.

Phoenix point really deserved a 60% rating because of the many game breaking bugs that made the game really frustrating too play even for the more skilled and experience rts players.

its one thing for a game to be challenging but with game breaking bugs and issues that is simply frustrating. Bugs like the soldiers getting stuck even though they have no movement restrictions on them. This happens alot to berserkers after killing a queen. It happened to me on the last level my berserker got stuck after killing the second queen. Really frustrating I could not move him at all and I really needed that berserker lol. Another game breakiing bug where the match simply would not end even after all the pandorans are dead. No this is not an 80% rating game at all its a 60% on the generous side it really feels more like a 50% with all the bugs and glitches.

How did you upgrade the armor and weapons, while being aligned with Anu?

I just started my first game with Anu, they don`t have that weaponry and armoury like NJ.

Nothing prevents you from siding only with one faction. Anu assault armor is the best for speed.
Anu weapons are … shotguns, that’s it. The virus and acid are bad because, as he said, combats are fast paced and there is no time to wait for the effects to happen. Acid grenade is really bad if it is used against you though (you better evac) … since it HAS time to do something.
Some mutations are great.

My favorite ending.

It’s true that the priest can make the last battle quite easy once you get the Pandorans’ wills down enough (a few missiles and sniper bullets should do the trick). God, I have to try for the next one, but with my mod for 3 mutations.

I had an easy success with New Jericho oriented team. Lots of heavies and 2 technicians for “+20 armor” (I don’t stack them although I could). Missiles and grenades flying everywhere, heavy armor to be kind of immune to mortar Chirons. Far enough from each other to not get damaged by the entity.

wow you actually managed to beat the last level without running out of ammo with the hill billies of jericho? impressive.

you gain access to better armor and weapons with anu by improving your relations with them just like with any faction. defend anu havens from pandorans, raid jericho and synedrion havens, and you always have to do the side missions for anu or any faction your choose to ally with. Also, anu is not a gun toting faction like the hillbillies of jericho anu is more about psyonics and mutations which are extremely useful far more useful than guns especially on the final mission. I do not know how I would have beaten yuggothian receptible and his endless hordes without mind control.

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I beat the receptible with NJ oriented troops.
Never came near end of ammo.

But hat to save scum like hell, because Yuggothian MCt me all the time.

Actually, I forgot to take ammo for deceptor, so I got only one rage burst per heavy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.
3 “Thor” each clears the land pretty well. When you add some grenades (10 ammo each) there really is no problem.

You have to separate your soldiers (no soldier within 5 tiles of a marked one).

I feel that it is difficult to win with only Synedrion tech (unless you stealth 100% of course). You can try to apply paralysis to slow everybody down and then kill them one by one by bashing (save ammo), but it is tedious. Dealing double damage while not spotted is nice, mostly for your snipers.