Diplomacy should start after the first faction mission!


The first faction mission dialogues show that is clearly the presenting and beggining of relationship with a faction and it is possible to improve diplomacy status without doing it!!!

In legendary is advised to wait to do that missions with our new rookie team and wait until they win experience in scavanging and other missions before going there, in other difficulties level that missions are much easier and player do it right away and don´t notice this error.

Diplomacy should only start getting up ZERO after these missions are accomplish.

Diplomacy start before the first faction mission! | Voters | Phoenix Point

I disagree. The initial mission for each faction is really super hard on legend for a team of all level 1. If these missions really were intended to be time critical, there would be a timer. On legend you may need to ignore them and come back later.

I only play legend and that’s what i did, but it make no sense in history line, mainly when you read the dialogues. And if you wait until have a strong team (like i did) the missions become easy to do, so a compromise should be necessary between starting diplomacy and have a stronger team.