Any chance that the difficulty levels are inverted similar to the checkbox for the DLC?

I raise this because I’ve played most of my campaigns on Veteran or Rookie.

Today I decided to give Heroic a drive.

And besides recruiting troops without weapons and starting out with only 4 squaddies, the engagements seem to be easier.

I did the 2nd NJ diplomacy mission and while there were 2 Mortar Chirons on the map, they were backed up by maybe two Anthrons.

On the other difficulty settings there were a lot more enemies on the map.

For factions missions some players seem have noticed a scaling on number of those missions done. The point isn’t the mission but how many of this type you already did. That’s making choosing one faction on the start easier, but steal other factions for their tech won’t match many first play I guess.

RPG pools show huge number of players that only want play the good side, like 80%+ i don’t see it different in this game even if it’s not RPG. It’s really a design error here in my opinion.