Defeated even thouhg it was a draw

I played a game on 04/04/2019.

The game was classic Chaos, 1v1, 15 turns, Victory points

From the attachment it clearly shows that both wizards survived and both had attained 56 points.

but it stated that Womble player had lost.

How is that possible

The game knows you were praying for the end :grin:

I have thought that maybe it’s because the VP gain you received to tie wasn’t in your turn but during mine, as a passive action from the icon tower while I moved my vampire.

Maybe the game makes a distinction internally in case of draw depending if the draw was achieved during the active turn or by a retaliation (icon tower, retaliate from paladin or the wizard).

Same thing sortof happened to me just now. Though, I had actually won based on Victory Points, I was declared a loser, sonsabritches

Also says 4th place when there are 3 of you

Maybe if you can’t kill the bots you are considered loser.

What were the corresponding messages for the other defeated players to tell about the position? Othrek, Bos5k and Gryth would have to have received something about 6th , 5th and 4th position, unless by some particular event two of them were sharing a position by tie. How did the game progress?

yeah, not sure.

Gryth would have been 6th, Bosko 5th, Othrek 4th

There does seem to be something odd going on with the places, having just been awarded 3rd place in a 2v2 where I was banished first

Unless you’re considered the third of the losers. Is it consistent or is there something amiss?