Damage Mystery for the Devs (incl Inf 2xdmg)

Now this is my setup for this test:
PPSetup1S PPSetup2S PPSetup3S PPSetup4S

Now look what it produces for numbers:

First i took some shots at the shell (30 armor):

The following results came up EVERY time i tested it (10 times):

The first shot ALWAYS took the spawnery down to 750 HP which means 750dmg done.
The second shot ALWAYS did then only 500 HP thereafter, ALWAYS taking the shell down to 250 remaining…



Then i took some shots at the torso (10) armor

Now i was surprised, from 12tests reloading the savegame i got the following results:
8 times i took down the spawnery down to 650 HP, killing it with the second shot
2 times i took down the spawnery down to 790 HP, then doing 700dmg with the 2nd shot bringing it to 90HP
2 times i took down the spawnery down to 720 HP, then doing 700dmg with the 2nd shot bringing it to 20HP


The i shot at the eggs (0armor) doing 800dmg bringinn it down to 700HP, always killing it with the 2nd shot as expected

Anyone has some clue for these numbers?

Strange and I have no clue, normally I only shot these thing in their eggs.

The best for me:

Which means that you caused 50 damage more (850) than the maximum possible with the combination Iconoclast + Doublestealth (800) and that on a target with 10 armor (normally max 700).
Very strange …

The second shots are always correct with 500 against 30 armor and 700 against 10 armor. Maybe the fist shots do more damage because they disabled the bodypart? But why not for the eggs? Propably some funny random stuff behind the scenes …

has to be connected to the way the game calculates pellet based weapons, it may be that a pellet based weapon still has its damage coming in sequence rather then all at the same time. this might explain the damage conundrums against the shell.

shell 150 HP/30 armor hit for 10X80,
-first 3 pellets reduce shell to 0, reducing max HP by 400.
-400 is more then 150, difference is 250. so you effectively get +250 damage from that.
-now at 400 dmg + 7X50 = 750dmg.

second shot no longer gets the 400 max HP drop, so damage =10X(80-30)=500.

the eggs have the exact same HP as the max HP drop, so the’ll never give bonus damage.

body is an enigma, I expect max HP shenanigens to be in play but there may also be a case of penetrating something behind the body that causes the inconsistency…I don’t know

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Yes, that sounds logical and also explains the reproducibility.

And for the body :crazy_face: