Dafuk :D this is so funny

I took out a single Engineer with snipers from spawn, and moved around the place on my first turn scared shitless since i seen no other enemies and I tought they like snipers everywhere, heavies going to rip trough me from the corner etc.

but this…

I would have never tought that I ever see a mission with double wehicles :D, i kinda love it tough, wish i would have seen my own face when the second one rolled in as the first one was yeah that explains it!

Wish there was a way an engineer could take over vehicles!

Just destroy the turrets. The Aspida is the only vehicle that needs to be destroyed completely.

AFAIK, you can also shoot his “weapon” arms, even when they are pretty tiny, hard to hit and of course one on each side.
I never tried that, but I also think that it isn’t worth it, to difficult to achieve and mostly because the Aspida is the weakest of all 3 vehicles and not that hard to destroy completely.

LoL the aspida is super op i only use that if i ever use any wehicle. Its stun is retarded and the heal too, its fast as fuck, it needs a nerf beyond the grave to be ballanced.

If you shot both thing it just runs out of the map like all others.