Custom save file location

Very weird, it’s in fact a very advanced feature I can’t explain. Save files locations was moved where I moved the save files.

Mac High Sierra

Save files was in ~/Library/Application Support/com.snapshotgames.phoenixpoint/EGS/
Before last patch they could be also in in ~/Library/Application Support/com.snapshotgames.phoenixpoint/EGS/LocalData

I moved the files to reduce list of saves, I wanted report a bug through the game. And played.

Now all saves from game are in ~/Library/Application Support/com.snapshotgames.phoenixpoint/EGS/Easy2a which was where I had move the files. Gee.

Move some files back at a standard place, and now the game use this location.

Ok I think I moved the files and put back in standard path a copy. Looks like the game stores somewhere else the file id which allows to find the file even if it was moved and now saves deduce the path from the location where the file was found. it’s the only explanation I can see.