Crashes due to Unityplayer or unityplayer.dll

I keep getting these straight-to-desktop crashes, and according to the log it’s always about the unity engine. Most of the time it’s they unityplayer.dll file. Anyone else getting these?
My rig is pretty new and up to date. All drivers are up to date.

I7-9700K (not OC:ed)
32 Gb RAM
1070ti GPU

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No, but I use quiete old hardware to yours. Seems combo of newer cards and newer unity can bring instability, and seems its really down to unity engine to bugfix, not just PP.

Just observation, no definite answer

I was getting a popup on screen “unityplayer.dll file missing” whenever I start the game. so I searched on google, read article some help but after a day I got same error again, then I got to know from my classmate about a I went through it, I found an article on unityplayer.dll, It helped me to resolve my problem.
I hope this will help you.