Crash to desktop

The title basically explains the problem without going into too much detail.

I was coming towards the end of a random map scenario and suddenly the game crashed for seemingly no reason. I had the technician selected and was looking for somewhere safe to move him. Without clicking or pressing any keyboard buttons suddenly the game crashed to the desktop :face_with_raised_eyebrow: no idea what caused it. Shame because it was looking like quite a close fight at that point.

This is the first time this has happened to me. Not sure if I can readily reproduce it but I will try again later when I have some more time. Anybody else experienced this towards the end of a mission?

I got a crash to desktop a little while ago, but it was nearer to the beginning of the mission.

I usually have crash to desktop in 1 out from 2 or 3 battles. So quite often. But my system is having some issues. I need to reinstall and then check that again.

While heavier crashing has been reported for Linux and MacOS X versions, I suposse you all use Windows. Is it all gaming under Win10 x64? Including configs in bug reports could be nice as it could be related to interaction with windows components such as gfx drivers

I would say that every second game crashes, and I use Win 10 64-bit. All drivers are updated. It seems like there is a ‘unitycrashhandler64’, so I guess that you get the data from the crashes?

Unity Engine is crashing.

This is unofficial miss-and-hit, try getting latest one or even beta.