Crash-happy to the point of being unplayable

Half the time I launch the game it crashes on startup – I get a black screen, nothing happens, I click and it crashes.

Another time it crashed when I tabbed out.

Another time it crashed when I clicked the options button on the main menu.

Several times it’s crashed while loading the main menu.

Another time it crashed while loading the tutorial.

All this with multiple crash-on-startups in between.

Eventually I did manage to get the tutorial mission to load. I decided to try my gamepad to see how the controls went. It immediately started scrolling down, like the thumbstick was being held down. I unplugged the controller and the screen started to shake uncontrollably. I hit escape – crash.

I was really excited for this game, I bought the $80 Signature Edition. I didn’t even mind all that much that y’all drank the EGS koolaid. But so far it’s been a disappointment. I haven’t even gotten to play it. I’m going back to Fallout 76 until this gets sorted out. Say what you will about FO76, at least that game functions.