Could the soldiers not die when the APC blows up?

The topic says it all.
If I’m a soldier and the APC I’m in is on fire, I’m getting out before it blows up… or at least I’ll try.

So what about giving them random wounds ranging from nothing to disabled limbs and damage from the explosion?

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that’s entire point of turn based games. You CAN’T cough overwatch cough react on enemies action during their turn. So if your APC is already damaged at your turn, maybe you should abandon it the turn earlier?
The same logic could be applied to every single shot “If I am being shot, I am looking for cover and not waiting for a second guy to move, to finish me off”.
It’s his turn, so he can do whatever he wants.
On the opposite side, if your soldiers are inside they are safe UNTIL the APC is destroyed, while, in fact they should take some damage if the enemy is using AP or AMR class weapon.
so it’s 1:1

Hmmm, you have a point.
I suppose I’m bitter because my APC died on the first NPC turn (with everyone inside)
But you’re right, I played like a dummy :slight_smile: