Overwatch change

Overwatch should stay active for as long as the soldier has ammo so that it does not get triggered by the first enemy that enters the view but by each new enemy that enters the view . That way it would be more realistic. You don’t just shoot at the first guy that enters your field of fire but at all that do.

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Sounds really powerful, and potentially annoying to deal with.

In your turn you only get to shoot a limited amount of time. If you reserve time units to use on enemy turn, why would you use it infinite number of times?

I suppose, if the overwatch would work as it did in 1996 xcom (unused AP would allow to shoot back) one could be allowed as many shots as leftover AP allowed for. Alas PP uses simpler system, where one can set up one shot of the overwatch for enemy turn.

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Nope. He needs also time to do such things.

With the number of enemies present in some battles, you could very well empty a full clip during enemy turn. I can’t agree with this one, OW is already OP as it is.

Keep in mind that, although the game presents each alien going through the OW zone one at a time, in real life they would all come together so you can focus on only one of them.

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You still have AP though, so you could in theory use that for multiple overwatches, I think the bigger reason not to, is that multiple overwatch attacks being possible in this way leads to camping.


Well first annoying moment here is a priority of turns. I stopped to use overwatch after my soldiers spent their chance to it on panicked aliens. It has no sense - they are already harmless. IAnd that is important! Alien turn should be counted BEFORE panicked aliens will run and hide. Other way whole system of overwatch cannot be useful now. *One more global mechanical change,sorry…

That would mean that your own panicked units also moved after the soldiers that you had control over, giving you less chance to protect them in whatever position they eventually find themselves in.

Overwatch could be a bit more customised though - like the ability to set it for specific enemy types/states of heath. Maybe it could link to a specific perk/class of solider to have this control.

Should I say that I never give a chance to my troops to loose or panics? I just don’t know how it works. Probably it works fine but now i’m interested to finish battle in first turn. And I do it well. Also I have no reasons to try myst and glue (I saw it one time and it was bugged) , and most of aliens abilities still closed fr me becase I cannot give them a chance. I just clean everything at first turn TO PROTECT FROM FREEZING, sorry.I just want to keep my game…


The only thing I find boring with the ow is that the unit does not turn in the direction of the ow when it is put in place.

Personally think we need LMG’s specificly for this… hmm

Correct, in real life the soldiers possibly move all at the same time so you might not be able to react to everone entering your overwatch range. Lets say you would choose the max. of about 160 degree for your overwatch, you would never be able to react to someone complete on the right and left side at the same second.