Combat idea: Heavy lift copters and deployment increases, as well as a few vehicle ideas

Right now the game limits you to 8 soldiers per squad. In late game this can be to few especially if you are using a vehicles.

Suggestion: after finding your fourth base, it should unlock a surgical platoon research that ups the soldiers per mission to 16 soldiers with 2 vehicle max.

With this also comes two new transports from NJ, the Heavy lift transport which holds 6 soldiers and a vehicle with the vehicle taking No slots.

Infantry slots: 6
vehicle slot: 1
max range: same as their base
bonus: NA

And a Mobile command Transport. This is a highly expensive transport with a small armory, medbay, sleeping area, and the ability to transport 16 troops, but it can not hold a vehicle.

think something like

mobile command transport
infantry slot:16
Vehicle slot: NA
bonus: Medical bay, sleeping quarters, turreted defense.

Medical bay and sleeping quarters: while immobile soldiers heal and recover stamina.

Turreted defense: When ambushed, will supply fire support once arives on turn 3. (you get access to two .50 cal gauss rifles (high DPH and accuracy) that spawn on either side of the exit point their design is to look like the rear of the copter.

Turreted defense bonus: all evac points on missions with this have the twin .50 cal gauss turrets, these have 10 attacks worth of ammo and can make 2 attacks per turn.

With increased vehicle presense would come higher tier vehicles, and mutants. These being IFV’s, drone command bays, and A mutog elite type creature.

NJ heavy IFV
health: 2000
armor: 50
size: 3x3
movement type: tracked
troop space: 3
armament: 2x gun ports, 1x gauss minigun (same stats as the heavy one jsut has more ammo), 2 shots ATGM, manned MG.

Manned MG: when some one gets in the vehicle they will take control of this. It is a .50 cal gauss rifle that deals high damage at long range, it has 5 shots worth of ammo.

Gun ports: the next two to enter will take up rear gun ports these are side facing NJ PDWs with a doubled fire rate but half the accuracy, each has 2 reloads by default.

ATGM: a manually guided missile when fired will always hit where aimed is extremely accuracy as it is a wire guided missile.

Drone command vehicle
health: 500
armor: 20
size: 3x3
movement type: walker
troop space: 0
armorment: 2 spider drone deployers. 1x top mounted laser turret, medical station.

spider drone deployer: deploys a spider drone in the area, fires like artillery costs 1 energy but each one can only be used once per turn.

top mounted laser turret: infinite ammo and high accuracy, but has a low damage of 10 per shot. auto fires at the start if players turn like all AI controlled items. Can be manually aimed by NJ engineers.

Medical station: at the back instead of having an entry point has a medical station that will automatically heal any soldier that gets to it. Has 4 ammo per mission.

ANU Mutog elite (temp name)
health: 1900
armor: varries on mutation
size: 2x2
crew size: 0-1 (depending on mutation

mutation types

Gulper: using DNA of a gulper eel, this version can capture smaller pandorians or human hostiles. these will be auto captured once mission is over. Human hostiles will be returned to their faction for supplies, or recruited if you give the option. (a prisoner exchange event happens after the battle.)

Draco: more reptile like mutation, has a lot higher armor at the cost of its health. Has a short range breath attack that it can use for 4 will points. this does fire damage. It also has a set of wings it can use like a jetpack.

Mount: a single soldier can ride it firing from its back. really good for heavies as their weapons have their use cost reduced by 1. allowing 2 attacks per turn. If a soldier with mind control rides a mutog they can give all their actions to the mutog.

Brood transport: Is transporting Anu tamed fire worms. Can deploy upto 8 in battle 2 per leg. If a leg is destroyed with worms still in it explodes into a pull of fire. Is immune to fire.


The more I play the more I need a heavy lift copter just for vehicles. cause damn they take up to much space.

I think its more the vehicle that needs a buff rather then larger transport craft. because every mission also has a troop allotment (ranging from 6-9…but most commonly its 8 troops that can be fielded…and vehicles also take 3 of those slots)

Yeah the vehicles need a buff, more ammo. A direct fire weapon on phoenixes one. Directional armor and maybe a shield ability on NJs one.

Right now they are not worth the 3 slots they take.

Can we come to some cross technology? IFV that can leap over obstacles.

And … I want AI infantry!

Same I really want AI allies, even if it is one 4 man squad. I mean I would pay for that… oh wait I already own all the DLC… I would pay more for that.

You can already bring multiple transports to a location and field the same number of units you’re suggesting. So this seems more a suggestion for a all-in-one transport so you don’t have to bother with deciding between fielding transports across multiple locations or consolidating them into one location for more challenging missions?

Uh no you can’t as the max units per mission right now is 8.

Yes, the current standard limit is 8 Troopers, 5 Troopers and a vehicle, or 2 Troopers and 2 vehicles max on a single deployment.

Hmmm wonder why Snapshot dropped that as a thing then, it’s most definitely still advertised as a functionality of the game in the FAQ on the games site… personally never tried it as 8 is more than enough for any situation I’ve found, but can see the appeal for some people who want extra piece of mind.

From the FAQ:

Four is the lower limit for deploying a squad, not a starting limit. Squad Sizes can be as high as 16, depending on the transport available and the type of mission. A more limiting factor on squad size would be the scarcity of recruits and ongoing injuries (or mental traumas) of soldiers.

MY guess the fact that the game is no where near done is why the feature was removed. I think right now we have temp limits in place while they work on balancing things. I think the release was forced to early.