Clicking area on map to aim to speed things up

Had an idea to make using free aim a bit quicker. This would be especially handy when you want to aim at the environment. As of now, you have to tab to an alien and then slowly scroll with the free aim to an environmental piece (or scroll from the a standard soldier view if no aliens are available.

Was thinking that it’d be nice if you had a prompt or button in which you could press to toggle between enemy cycling (via tab) and turning your mouse cursor into an aiming symbol that’d let you click a place were you’d like to aim. This click could bring the camera to that direction depending on the height of the terrain, were you could zoom move from to better specify your shot.

ex. you click on a level 1 terrain, the camera just pans to ground level in front of him.
ex.2 you click on a 2 floor building and it pans the 1st person camera to that direction.