Casual gaming.. (i'm a lazy cheater..)

First off, so far, I like what I’m seeing.

here’s the catch: I work 10-15 hours a day (including commute times), have a wife and daughter, home responsibilities (yard work, house repairs, etc), one project car, and one car that requires more attention than it should… I don’t get a lot of time for gaming anymore.

I’m a very casual gamer, these days I hate multiplayer, and prefer games I can play for short times, but come back to and not get destroyed due to diminished skills or lack of practice. I don’t play games to be challenged, I play to unwind and enjoy stories or just dominate the computer.

Any chance backers can get some console commands or something to allow a more casual experience? basically, I’d like cheat codes. I want to play the demo levels in one turn (no AP costs) and just run around killing everything in sight (no ammo drain) without fear of losing team mates (no death).

I know that sounds exceptionally boring to some, but for me, that’s what I’m looking for. I’ve tried finding memory addresses in Cheat Engine, but honestly I’m not that good at doing that, so if it’s not basic numbers, I won’t find it. hell, sometimes I don’t find basic numbers…

Anyway, like i said, I like what I’m seeing so far, keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

No console commands atm, they said it will hurt the bug gathering process. Guess, you’ll have to wait for the final game to cheat.

IDK, I suppose game should be challenging in some way because challenge is rewarding and draws people to playing them. Adding console for cheat codes would hurt the game because using them will always be tempting when things went wrong.
You can have fun with game without cheating, I guess. Turn based games were always punishing to some degree and by playing them we know that things could gone wrong, that deaths and loses happen. It shouldn’t be extracted from the genre. Just my thought.

bartekb8: I feel like you didn’t read my post at all… but that’s ok.

MrMonocle: yeah i can see how it would hurt the debugging process… figured it was worth a shot asking though…

For the rest of us, I think that always having an “easy mode” button within reach would negatively affect our experience.

Maybe the option for cheat codes can be toggleable at the start of each campaign?

That’s quite a stretch. Many games these days have cheat codes and console commands. Every moddable game has god mods and if all else fails, cheat engine is a thing. And yet, I haven’t used any of this or even felt the need to use it to cheat my way through a game. Most gamers don’t see to have problems staying away from cheats if they don’t want to either.

On the other hand, I often prefer to play “honestman” in games that offer an “ironman” experience. I normally rotate on two or three saves and don’t reload except if faced with a crippling/game ending bug. Having lost the odd save to corruption or major bug, I’d rather not waste a few dozen hours on a long game and fall victim to a bad save. Even in these conditions, I don’t need to reload previous saves when I fuck up.

Console commands have uses to deal with said bugs, to cope with imperfect mods or to do a plethora of other things. It’s already something you won’t stumble upon by accident. You may open the console, but I won’t do you much good unless you Google the proper commands. That’s probably enough to remove the temptation from most gamers :slight_smile:

I’ll admit that I don’t see much point in playing the game like @tattooed_pariah does but heh, it’s his game and he can do as he pleases without it affecting me in the slightest (the absence of codes in the alpha is another story. If it’s a matter of alpha goals and priorities, it’s understandable).

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It may be better for them to implement a ‘story mode’-difficulty that pretty much gives your soldiers what you asked for. It won’t be cheating, just makes the game very easy so you can enjoy the story. It wouldn’t be the first game to use this approach

I Appreciate your openmindness about it… I used to be the kind of player that would sit in one part of an RPG for weeks grinding just to make the rest of the game easier, but don’t have the time for it anymore… like I said in the first post, I don’t get much game time at all these days, so when I do, I don’t want to struggle and get irritated by replaying difficult parts. I want to sit down, control the scene, finish it, and watch the cutscenes or story unfold.

Yeah, pretty much what @mrmonocle said. Keep in mind, Backer builds(at least the current ones) are for basic feedback & bug reporting, it’s not even supposed to be play-ready. As for the final product, I have nothing against having the easiest of easy modes available as long as it will not be the only one to pick from. Picking an overall difficulty level or even customizing individual difficulty options just like Long War allowed us to is something that can be only done when starting a new campaign so it’s not something you will “always have”. As for cheat codes and iddqd modes etc, I don’t think that would be a part of the base game itself but I can easily see it modded in provided mode support will be implemented.