Can't wait for graphics options

Anyone feel the same?

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We will probably wait for the full release for that. Probably they will add it after optimalization, so just before release.

Okay cool, I play in windowed potato mode. -_- oh well.

Yes I’ve posted about it. It would be relatively easy to add some simple options and it would make me play it again.

Yeah, would be cool to lower gamma or something. That makes games run faster, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

i can play fantastic in windowed mode after all.

I think someone may have misled you with that information but lowering gamma will not make games run faster or if it does, it’ll be negligible. Lowering/raising the scale or slider (whatever the gamma control is) only changes the gamma decoding and the way the colours are represented on your particular monitor.

Oh okay thanks, yeah i guess i was confused.
I can play on fantastic after all.

Runs choppy for me in UHD full window. So does the Witcher 3 though…GTX 970, 4 GB GDDR5.