Cant see inside the buildings

Hi sorry for my english so when i was playing the game on my xbox series x i noticed something. İ cant see inside of the buikdings no matter what i tried i tried rebooting, deleted datas, re install the game i reseted my xbox but it did not work is this happening to all xbox users ot is it just me pls help i really want to play this game i finished xcom and i had so much fun i want to try this game too

… have you tried to lower the zoom box, to be on the same level as the buildings ground ?
Here’s a control training tutorial that has xbox controls(and PC): Initiate's Training Guide - Camera Control - YouTube
The controls you want are the D-pad’s up and down buttons(d-pad as in the + -like directional block that has at least 4 buttons that take control instructions).

I would not realize it is about that. :smiley: