Argh Lost for the 1st Time

Well that’s the first time I have lost an XCom game. Oh, just have to start again. Perhaps wont choose NJ to attack/raid and end up in war status this time.

What’s the problem to go in war with NJ? I don’t see how it can make lost a campaign.

Let me guess:
5 heavies bombing you with Fury + 3 Armadillos

Armadillo aren’t a problem, but Fury, the RNG aspect is a little weird, miss, kill friends, apply big damages, sigh. That said it’s not looking as game ending.

Fury is not that RNG. You usually don’t have friends melee your target. NJ heavies reliably removed bodyparts from my soldiers. 4 of them shooting makes for a painful first turn. I was fortunate to have setup a decoy that took 1 of the rockets, otherwise it would probably have been a squad wipe. Granted, Armadillo guns are less accurate and less heavy than Arthron’s (Whaaaaat ??!!?)

Not at all for me, Legend difficulty, as I said, miss, hurt friends, serious damages, total RNG. They tend take their chance when it’s low chance.

Not getting their research early and I also didn’t get to grips capturing aliens until I got the neuro sniper rifle. Lessons learned for next time.

Capture isn’t simple, the neuro pistol makes it easier for lesser enemies, and the neuro SR for all. The Neuro SR is also an interesting tactical option, but with overwatch paralyze effect starts apply only at next turn it seems, at least quoted it clearly with worms. The new Fire Burst skill suits better paralyze approach during a mission.

Looks like I am heading into the same situ on my second try. The Veteran level is tough. I have two Alien Lairs to deal with and getting nowhere. Dealt with one early easy enough but these are hell. Killing aliens solidly for several hours and they still keep coming until I run out of ammo and get wiped out.

They won’t end. You must move to the target while killing enemies.

As Yokes said - you’re in a hive full of very p’d off crustaceans. They will just keep coming until you kill the Spawnery.

Good news: if you can get to a spawn point and stand close to it, that shuts it down - think of it as blocking an narrow entrance into this bit of the hive.
Bad news: you have very little cover against bombard Chirons, and Sirens will pop round the tight corners to MC you just when you’re not expecting it if you’re not careful.

Top tip - take out the Siren’s head asap. After that, she’s effectively useless.

Deffo having more success with the advice above and have deactivated one spawn point and nearly got to the second of three but what is I am looking for, there’s no sign of anything big to kill or a target? Just endless crusties and sirens. Not seeing the spawnery anywhere?

Rather than repeating old posts, you’ll find a pic of it in this thread.
Cant find the Spawnery
Bear in mind that it is a very large feature hidden in a built-up hole in the ground - so if you see something similar to this about the height of a Siren and it’s not in a big hole, it’s NOT the Spawnery, it’s simply a terrain feature.
The Spawnery is usually hidden in the top left corner of the map, though sometimes it’s top right. You’ll know you’ve found the right hole if the movement reticle doesn’t let you enter it.

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