Canny Problem Logging In?

I went to the new site on the official site. Went to post a reply and it asked for me to make an account. I filled in name, email, password. But I eventually get a screen asking for company name and a domain address. What is that? And it talks about a 14 day free trial?

In the end, I couldn’t post or log in.

That sound a lot like you somehow ended up on the page where you create a Canny company account rather than a user account.

I started here. Posted and then tried to make account using email. Any ideas?

or…is there a wait for the sign up to activate?..yet it sent me a reset password email which I did…


1st I followed the 2nd link ‘official site’ link. That gave me a screen with no make a post selection on the left. There, I have a problem.

2nd I followed the ‘here’ link. I see a post selection on the left and I AM logged in and CAN post.