Can the devs add anti-aliasing or resolution scaling to the game please?

Firstly, I like the game a lot.

But, I find the lack of anti-aliasing a bit jarring on my large(ish) 28" monitor. Would it be possible to add some FXAA / Temporal AA? Or, maybe a more perf. intensive option like MSAA if its not possible, or a resolution scaling option to improve the rendered resolution of the game.

I tried to add some AA to the game using Reshade and it worked, but it made the framerate really choppy during cutscenes.

I’d guess that with the Steam release planned soon, these sorts of visual improvements will be on the cards?

EDIT - I’ve also noticed that the cursor can sometimes disappear in borderless windowed mode (using a controller), if the player returns to the Windows desktop then re-enters the game.

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wait, cant you enable these within Graphic card setup independently?

Nope. Generally, doesn’t work well on AMD graphics cards. I’ll try it anyway.

oh ok. i have old 1070, and i could enable it in nvidia control pannel.

Thanks for the suggestion. But, this is something that can really only be properly addressed by adding AA or resolution scaling to the game.

I think the AMD drivers / software needs AA enabled in games already, for them to be enhanced. Overriding the AA option doesn’t seem to do anything.

I found that this is caused by External USB controllers. Whenever I bumped, or moved the controller, the cursor went all Sue Storm invisible on me. I unplug my Joystick/HOTAS and Cursor doesn’t go invisible. :wink: