Build 1.2 - weapon's durability

Lol again this comparison. :slight_smile: Really I want to see those videos where enemy machine gun is more effective than sniper rifle (of course except close combat range, which let say is < 15 tiles of the map EDIT: Maps are more than 60x60 tiles big). And if you would like to I can record my own video to show you how sniper can smash and crush enemies on a long range.

Of course we have no idea what the current tech level is like, or what calibre the bullets are, and delivery mechanisms.

That being said, I’ve operated a sniper rifle in the British Army (L96) from these guys and my personal view for what it’s worth, is that the rifle is more durable than modern assault rifles due to most of the frame being made out of stronger material, and the “bulk” of the system is a huge chunk of steel forming the barrel and firing mechanisms.

It’s also harder to “hit” having a smaller profile, and while the scope and all that is fragile, most modern assault rifles have aiming receptacles that are basically scopes for practical purposes anyway. No one fires directly off iron sights anymore, if they can help it.

Again, it’s not my system, and I’m fine with whatever the devs say :slight_smile: I just think it’s simplistic to assume that sniper rifles are less hardy.

I suppose I should’ve been clearer. It’s quite possible that the sniper rifle is more accurate or does more dmg at long ranges. But I often see crabman take shots from distances greater than I choose to take them and have a decent change to hit. And then when they do, they very often destroy my sniper rifle in 1 or 2 hits.

To clarify, I tend to not take a shot when the enemy only covers half or less of the red circle (giving me a big chance to miss), but they don’t seem to have this restriction. So they do miss more than half their shots, they also shoot more than twice as often, ensuring regular hits (and subsequent destruction of my rifle)

In addition, when you do take the shot they have a non-zero chance to hit on their return fire, again, destroying the sniper rifle way too often.

Crab. So you are really unlucky then. And it looks like some other players also complain about it. Nevertheless I wish you the luck as I have. Because enemy regular and return fire don’t bother me too often, definitely not to consider any changes in weapon durability. My only hope is that they change weapon “destruction” to “disabling”.

Mine as well. Or make it much less random. A 0 damage shot across the whole map destroying a machine gun? Seriously?

It probably was 0 to soldier’s HP pool, but 3 or more to the weapon’s HP pool. - Just UI didn’t show that. :slight_smile:

At least I’ve had weapon crates actually spawning weapons now.

sadly they asked jake about random and we all know how that worked out… 95% shots from you miss but 15% shots from the enemy hit… xcomcrap

and zero damage shots destroy your weapons.