Build 1.2 Linux Impressions

My first impression.
I use Linux for religious reasons only to play, stupid, but what should I do, there are these voices in my head. :wink:
My first impression: On my XC1506 Tuxedo laptop (Debian Buster) The game runs very smoothly, no reason to complain.
The target system is a little unusual, but you can get used to it.
What I lack is an orientation aid, e.g. a symbol to the north or south, otherwise I get lost in the terrain.
Sometimes the navigation on the map hooks a bit, but I can handle WASD. I don’t know if this is a Linux problem.

I didn’t get to the real game yet, I just wanted to thank you for developing the Linux version in parallel and don’t think about the masses first as usual.
Thank you!
By the way, how do I make screenshots in Fullscreen Mode, without using F12?


F1 or F2 disable User Interface, if this is what you wanted. I’m not sure if taking screenshots is implemented into the game itself :slight_smile:

Thanke F1;F2 is known.
Yes I hoped there were a Screenshot Function Key as in Steam F11

I don’t know Debian, but usually the PrntScr button on keyboard is mapped to some screenshot app. Or you can probably Alt+Tab, switch to Desktop to launch some app there and switch back.

Also, found a tiny issue specific for Linux (Ubuntu):
When launching game from the terminal command line and later selecting “Exit game” from main menu, the game while exiting closes the terminal window it was launched from, instead of returning to command prompt.

Thanks, of course I know the PrtSreen Key, but unfortunately I didn’t even try it, because many fullscreen programs intercept the keyboard queries and the event doesn’t even get to the operating system.
My God, I’m embarrassed, I can actually do it! :sunglasses:
(I go into the corner to be ashamed)

I can not confirm this, here it is ok, back to prompt