Bugs introduced with Derleth Hotfix

So with the bugfix in place, I’ve noticed 2 new bugs in the game:

  • Some Havens under attack will instantly be destroyed, long before you can get to them in time. In my test a Haven with half a bar left switched instantly to destroyed. Reloaded my save numerous times and this happened every time. Note that I had a save with a Tiamat just about to reach it, so that may be a factor in it as well.

  • The computer gets to instantly move any mind controlled units. I’ve not witnessed them attacking instantly. Only moving.

And one existing one I noticed just prior, is still in there:

  • If you take manual control of a turret, save, then reload the save, the turret will shoot instantly. so you wont get to attack with it manually that turn.

See Haven Under Pandoran Attack Is Destroyed In An Hour – Not that it will help. But it certainly appears to be a bug that needs some squashing.