Bug with rewards hecate research quest

After finishing the research for PROJECT HECATE, you get 2 succesive optional missions from Col. Harlan and Maj. Richter.

Col. Harlan gives the mission BYZANTIUM

Maj. Richter gives the mission PROJECT VULTURE

If you refuse both with the rightmost talk option you get to talk to Tobias West and no matter what you choose as a reward you get (PROJECT VULTURE - gives +3 strength Research). And if you choose the to agree with Maj. Richter’s point of view you also get (150 skill points).

If you do one or both missions you again get the same dialogue from Tobias West but you can only get the 150 skill points if you agree with Maj. Richter’s point of view. The reward (PROJECT VULTURE gives +3 strength Research) is bugged.

The rewards should be fixed.

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