[BUG] Cannot use Destiny III after loading if used before loading


  1. Have an agent equipped with Destiny III.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Fire Destiny III.
  4. Load the save.

You can fire Destiny III, since it hasn’t been used, yet.


  1. You get the “Cannot be used again this turn” message when trying to fire Destiny III.
  2. Next turn the opponent will perform no moves. A very handy way of safely getting a live Scylla btw.

Additional info: I’m playing the basic edition of the game, no DLCs I believe.

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The same happens to me with some skills, like Boom Blast.

Same applies to OW.

I can confirm this happens with pretty much any skill that can only be performed once in a turn. So Overwatch, firing mounted weapons, Boom Blast, Onslaught, etc.

For someone who reloads a lot (I like to play out different strategies and really optimize my way through a turn or a mission) this is very game breaking.

The enemies all skipping their turn also makes this worse, as you will often unintentionally trigger this exploit. Here’s hoping a fix is with us soon!

And it’s STILL broken. Well, except no enemy moves part, enemies move alright. It’s just me being unable to use any use-once abilities after save-load.