Tactical Save/Load mixes turn order

Happens on a tactical mission where there are more than 2 factions, i.e. special operations with two enemies, or haven defense with allies.

How to Reproduce:

  • Save during player turn
  • Observe Two faction turns after turn end
  • Load the saved game
  • Observe the First faction turn skipped after turn end

Possible extra factors if not reproducible with above steps:

  • Might be issue only on turn 2+
  • Might be issue only if game was already loaded from tactical save from the same mission before saving the game

AFAIK, this bug is like over year old (or recurring issue). :stuck_out_tongue: Like ie.: Skip Pandoran turn in battle

It is not fixed sinceā€¦ ever

Also the bug where Over Watch is disabled on loads during mission. They appear to be linked.