Blue circle white question mark

I just allied w NJ and noticed that on some of their havens there is now a small blue circle with a white question mark in it at the top right of the haven icon. I visited one and the blue circle just vanished - nothing else. I have Googled for info and found nothing. Has anyone else noticed this or know what it is?

New feature of this patch. I think it’s the number of Satellite Uplinks in a base.
I imagine that, since NJ can build their own Satellite Uplinks (it’s their advanced building, Temples for Anu and Mist Repellers for Synedrion), it also shows an Uplink count for them and they can, in turn, scan for you from their havens that have them.
Which means it shows a question mark because until you visit you don’t know wether or not it has one.

I think the blue circle white question mark symbol acts as an indicator of havens that the Phoenix Project has not visited yet with an aircraft. As soon as those havens are visited with aircraft the indicator disappears. It seems like its a new feature of the 1.6 Cthulhu patch that hasn’t been mentioned in the patch notes.

This one. Community Council requested such feature, because in test build there was no such indication and exploring was getting quite messy. So it should be mark if you was ever there.

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That was an inspired idea. Having them all suddenly revealed and no way of knowing where I’d been or hadn’t has been annoying since the beginning.

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Right. Something like that was requested even in Backers Builds. :slight_smile: But since new exploration system emerged in Cthulhu then we could bump it up. :smiley: