Behemoth-mission bugged. Unable to complete objective "Inject the virophage agent"

Just tried to do the mission to kill the Behemoth via the Masked Manticore.

Once I’ve landed on the Behemoth and I go to one of the 4 objective markers, I cannot make the game accept that I’ve injected the virophage agent. All that happens is that I step onto the objective marker, the game asks me if I want to “Activate Objective?”, I press “YES” and then my soldier just stands still on the marker for the rest of the mission doing nothing (I’m not even able to move him/her anymore), while the objective in my upper left corner still says “Inject the virophage agent 0/4”, even if I put a soldier on every single objective marker.

UPDATE I noticed that when selecting a soldier standing on the objective point, the reason the game gives me for not being able to move him/her is “Unit unable to perform action due to being psychically or physically incapacitated”. I don’t know if this will help.

When searching for an answer (and failing to find one), I did notice other people mentioning a Virophage Injector as a possible research project that you could do to complete the game. Is this a case of the game actually allowing me to do a mission, where I need a specific item that I haven’t got access to, to complete it? ('cause that would really be bad design) or is the mission simply bugged? (and in that case, does anyone know how to fix it?)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There is no specific item. But you need to have finished research “Virophage Weapons”. Injector is the thing for final mission, not the Behemoth mission.

Mission must be bugged. As after few turns game should release your soldier from that incapacipation (it takes few turns to inject virophage into Behemoth). And you should be able to proceed to next objective zone.

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I have completed the “Virophage Weapons” research, but I haven’t tried having my soldiers just keep being stunned for several turns after activating the objective. I did try one or maybe two turns (not sure if it was 1 or 2), and it still didn’t release them after that, so I just assumed it was a bug since the game gave me no info saying “protect your troops while they apply the inject the poison”. Guess I’ll try again and have them wait a bit longer to see if that helps. Thanks :slight_smile:

Tried loading an old save from the mission, and yeah, apparantly you just had to wait for 3 full turns and THEN the objective got activated. Really silly that the game doesn’t inform you about this, but hey, at least it means I can keep playing the game now, so all in all I guess it’s a win :wink: