[BB5] Economic Disparity - The Arthron Vs The Triton

This might not be the most well thought out, complete, or thorough examination of the situation so please join in and tell me what you think of this but…

In the early game you can roll up Tritons or Arthrons at nests and which one you get can massively impact your economic state. Tritons -always- use a firearm that you can recover and either use or scrap. When you face down anywhere from 6-20 of these bad boys in a haven defense you will receive not only the generous reward from the haven, you will get a hefty sum of supplies in scrap weaponry. Arthrons leave zero loot of any kind and, if they rock grenade arms, can destroy your weaponry much more easily than Tritons.

I think it would be nice if the Arthron’s warped weapons were recoverable and scrappable even if not usable. Or do you think Tritons need to be made less lucrative to fight? Or am I wrong and should this economic detail remain as is?

I mean, Tritons do tend to be harder to kill and more dangerous (short of grenade arms) than Arthrons. Better rewards may be warranted.

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I think we are overthinking that. TBH I prefer to fight with crabs because it’s easy to destroy grenade launchers… and then it’s simple. Tritons? all this mist and sniper rifles? no no

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Mist is ok. Just don’t give them weapons doing more than 50 damage per bullet. :wink:


Or at the very least weapons that don’t kill heavy in 2 hits

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sure, maybe lets give them miniguns? :wink:

that would be “hilarious” ^^

I agree mass number enemies with sniper rifle is deadly. To high dmg with to high accuracy…