Research of crabmen types tells you too much

So when you research a crabman, the research text telling you about them, amongst other things, reveals all the different weapon types that they carry. But you haven’t necessarily faced all those weapon type yet.

I wasn’t a fan of the research for almost the exact opposite reason; I’ve just spent days researching an enemy and all I seem to get out of it is information I already know. Maybe a solution is the type of information could be communicated more broadly, and aim to be a little more story based than simply stating battle field tactics?

I liked the Tritons blurb about genetic composition, but unless I overlooked the benefits that and a couple of the others didn’t appear to do anything tangible… at least not yet.

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I just hope the research brings out more interesting things other then 10% more damage to whatever it is researched. If it was final in the bb5 then that’s kinda disappointing. I agree with weapon types. maybe just noted to be versatile in weapons or something, but meh.

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I suppose we won’t have enemy info at the beginning, and we will need to do autopsy to discover their durability and have it displayed on UI. Current state is just for making testing easy.