[BB3] Bugs - Mac

I’ve had some issues with BB3, Mac version.

  1. I only ever have 2 crabmen variants. Pincer/shield and pincer/grenade. In all my run-throughs, these are the only two I ever get.
  2. I have not been able to attack an alien base. Every time I try to raid an alien base, after clicking the button to launch the attack, the screen goes black and the mission never starts. I have to swipe out and manually close the game.
  3. It was my understanding that the technician would recover a turret after a successful mission. Mine never do. I don’t know if this is an error, or intended.
  1. I would say you were just lucky. But who knows. Maybe Mac version has less variants than 32.
  2. In Win I would know what to propose, but not here, sorry.
  3. Unfortunately it is intended to be like that (read as ‘nothing more is implemented yet’). In final version you would be able to pick it up during the mission. It probably will also go back to your base after successful mission.

I hope so, because right now a fixed “mobile turret” is just a junk.

Now I see where all the crazy phone moves come from.

Too bad MacOS/Linux versions have various bugs, but Windows has even more troubles sometimes

  • if of any satisfaction.

Hi, mac user!

  1. Have you met a queen? Based on my experience, such missions have the maximum mutation diversity.
  2. Similar problem. However, I have 2 successful loadings of alien base attack mission. So I have estimated freezing chance in 90% instead of 100%. Unfortunately, it seems the successful missions load at the first try. For the battle with a queen, I can’t attack her lair and need to wait for her assault on haven.
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