[BB2] Crab soldiers coming from already explored areas

Always thought that the enemies were burying underground. Seems like the kind of ability they could have.


Its not that much in how they appear, but where. If game has mechanics of sightings, warping next to you is bug to it. Numbers can be countered with weapons, tactics … but this cant. It changes everything just because.

Burrow would be a great Zerg homage. However, someone or some equipment would be able to detect them and we should be able to shoot at them burrowed too, to balance the fun!

When I started to get in touch with Phoenix Point, I thought the factions had a kind of Starcraft flavour to them. New Jericho as the Terrans, all military power. Anu as the Zerg, embracing the power of mutations. And Synedrion as the Protoss, technologically advanced.

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@UnstableVoltage explained “improper pathing” happens in BB2 and shall be fixed in future in other bug report thread.


Units in Phoenix Point do not warp or teleport. Any unexpected behaviour like that is a bug, probably due to pathing. It isn’t the game mechanics, and bugs like this are to be expected in pre-alpha.

Thread can be closed and Zerg mania moved to a new topic (please copy your nice idea). Crabman and queen alien style looks “Zergesque” on aestetics and maybe some abilities. Surely, Starcraft nicely introduced as far as 3 playable races, and kudos for great backstory. But as Warcraft and C&C, that is all Dune lineage (ahhh, Dune2 Amiga 500 version and Harkonen mentat! and dune adventure was great) and belong to nice, but far less complex real time strategies.

Of course they do not warp or teleport. If there are some pathing bugs they should be eliminated. :slight_smile: But enemy has mechanism to spawn on the edge of the map. It is annoying if they do this near to you. I would apply two changes here:

  1. First would be setting some parameter responsible for range at which they spawn from you. Let say that they can’t do that if distance to your soldier is lower than 16 squares. So their spawn point is set further away.
  2. Second would be limiting their actions in first round just to move or other non-lethal actions.
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