2 Satellite Uplinks But Unable To Start 2nd Scan

I have to bases with Satellite Uplinks ((both powered). There is only 1 active scan, but I am unable to start a 2nd scan.

I suppose that you have enough Materials and Tech, to start the scan

While Satellite Uplink repairing (at new base, for example) you can’t start new scan. Another little bug from devs.

I don’t understand your answer, I repaired more than one Sat Uplink and all of them are working

During repair Satellite Uplink you can’t scan. After repair you can scan as much as many Satellite Uplink you have.

Interesting observation, well spotted! I believe that this may have occasionally happened to me and I didn’t realise the cause, but was when a satellite was being repaired.

I checked every save file, Danforth campaign, 9 bases. Repairs were necessary only for energy generators in order to active Sat Uplinks, I ended with 4 , I found all of them without damage.

I suppose that we can find more bugs than the small QA team, because we play a lot of hours and at the end more eyes spotting issues. Including tricky bugs like that, well done!

The satellites were fully functional and I had enough tech & materials. Who knows, perhaps I spazzed and I started 2 scans instead of 1.

Why you think it is a bug? If facility is damaged it should not operate.

Because I have another one working facility, but can’t scan. And yes, there are no active scanning.

So you mean that when you repair at least one of the satellite facilities then none of them is working and able to start scan?

Yes. Sorry for my English, if it hard to understand me.