This is my only gripe about this game. I am actually shocked that snapshot gave us no way to show us our bases via key command from the geoscape. I can’t imagine it would be hard to incorporate! Simply a huge overlook, I believe! When squads are tired and wounded it would be nice to flip from one base to the next to see which is closest. It’s actually a PIA locating all of them manually

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There is a post in the Feedback Tool where one can vote on this.

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What are we voting for? It seems like a simple thing to fix . Instead of shift tab doing previous aircraft have it do next base. It really would be incredibly useful.

Voting to let them know we really want it fixed and not just posting that it is a nuisance (which it is). They already have tool that lets one scan and select bases with the vehicle placement. So they should have an easy fix. But saying that, it’s probably not that easy, or else they would have already done it.

I wonder why I don’t see an issue here. Remembering position of 8 bases is so hard? Of course keaboard shortcut could help, but come on. You don’t have to remember 20 different sites hidden somewhere in the mosaic graphic of the UI. They are there on the map with distinctive icon.

It’s already planned for a future patch. A number of changes to the UI including keys/buttons to go directly to bases.


Thank you Unstable Voltage! Fantastic !!!:wink:

And what about renaming Bases? is it so hard?

I mean, Charlie, Bravo, Alpha is ok, but PHB-1, PHB-2 I don’t think so

and renaming aircrafts would be great

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