BASE ATTACK! Never stops repeating

I have just had 5 (FIVE) attacks in a row, on the fifth one now! I can not leave the base? Every time I try it gets hit again? There are no lairs or nest near by I cleared them out. But now it is just one constant attack after another and it is really annoying now, the red bar keeps going up and I can do nothing but defend the base, something is broken here, if I get it again I will just end the game until it is fixed…

I had something similar, although it was only three attacks. If I remember correctly, the enemy base has not been revealed after successful defence. I had to wait till they attacked another haven and then I destroyed the nest. But I agree with you, it is annoying.

Ovviously you have not cleared all Pandoran bases within range of your base.
How many hours are given for the attack warning? How far are you in the game? Depending on whether you have done the Pandoran Citadel research you can try scanning for the Pandoran Base. Otherwise, you have to successfully defend a nearby haven, which reveal the offending base. If you have progressed far enough into the game, you should have enough troops and aircraft to cover missions and base defense.

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The attack warning is 12 hours every time one after the other, I had cleared all the nests and lairs before the first attack nothing new is showing up? I am at 58% on the red bar, I don’t have many men to split as I only have one aircraft. So presently I can not get very far from the base about 2 stops and I get the 12 hour warning and need to fly straight back!

I confirm this bug/feature.

There is no base around in my game, but game keeps spamming this attacks.
Can it be, that some bases are invisible, until detection? Even, if the terrain had been scanned before?

Yes they can be and are invisible. A couple of things are at play:

  • Pandoran bases are not revealed unless there is a successful haven defense or one has re-scanned areas after having done the Pandoran Citadel research.
  • New bases are created all the time.
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How do I know, which area to rescan?

I am not positive, but I think if one has done the Signal Disruption Tech research one gets an extra 4 hours tacked on to the advance attack warning. If not, then the Pandoran base is probably a good deal distance away. Citadels have a operating range that can exceed 3000 km (about the distance from Lisbon to Warsaw).

If there are no existing havens near the base that is getting attacked, that is why you are the target of this Pandoran base. Is your base in a mist-repelled area? If so, it’s even possible that the offending base could be in that area (if it existed before the mist was pushed away). Even other areas that have had the mist pushed away could be harboring a preexisting enemy base.

Make sure you have done the Pandoran Citadel research and re-scan areas around your base keeping in mind the operation range of Citadels.

See above. Also note that when one scans with the Pandoran Citadel research, the enemy base is not directly revealed. However, a new location will appear with the “?” indicating that it needs to be explored, this will a new Pandoran base.

I understood, but the base could be anywhere within the 3000 Km Radius as you wrote. If there is no haven left, where should I check best?

Multiple scans that will cover a 3000+ km radius from your base.

Honestly, I’d suggest if rushing towards the endgame isn’t possible… to just start a new campaign once the dlc drops. Hopefully by the end of the week :crossed_fingers:

At 58% odi, you should have far more than a single aircraft. And more than a single team… I myself tend to have around 3-4 aircraft by the time the faction war breaks out (odi around 18-20%) with at least 2 teams able to take on missions with a 3rd on the way.

How do I get to the end game? I have never been able to play through due to the bugs so I am not really sure what steps to take to get to the end! Is there a process to follow? or is it just a natural progression and you it just takes you there? Thanks!

Just follow the “yellow” marked quests on geoscape on the left side.

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Basically it is stay alive and keep doing research. There or 4 paths to the end 3 of which requires full support from the factions. Each faction has a different approach to ending the game. Keep doing special missions for the faction to push their end forward. The other end is Phoenix Point research down the Virophage path.

Out of curiosity, which bugs are “preventing” you from reaching endgame?? I’ve played this game a plenty now and even though I do experience bugs from time to time. Most of the bugs I experience aren’t game breaking but rather minor annoyances. Yes it be nice to see them ironed out soon, but the game is functional enough to continue play for me.

Here are a few tips for dealing with some bugs I’ve encountered which are indeed annoying.

Worms from Launcher Chiron’s getting stuck in terrain (few ways to deal with this)

  • Hel Cannon’s are your friend; I never leave home without at least one as there shots pierce & destroy most terrain. Just locate where the worm is stuck and blast away. If you don’t have one or run out of ammo then…

  • Have Pineapples for breakfast; Bring/use grenades. Most of the time the splash will kill the unseen worm… have had a few exceptions.

  • Clone Jebaited; Infiltrators decoys can be used to trigger worms to explode on them. as units can sense when there is a unit right next to them, ie. the worm will see your decoy as sound ping indicator and will trigger when it’s a tile away from it.

  • Use the force; Preist mind crush… if available

  • Take one for the team; If all else fails and you have none of the above listed options you can also use one of your soldiers to end their turn right next to the spot where the worm is much like the infiltrators clone and just take the hit one the chin. Have had to do this once… sucked!

As for getting aircraft early on, I always tend to raid a faction for one (fastest way to get them), once I have a team with 2 decently trained snipers & shotgun soldier preferably with damage boosting perk of some kind, I go in for a raid. Then for my 3rd craft I spend most of my early resources on a training base and recruits. Once I have enough for a 2nd team I begin saving my resources for a new craft.

This is actually the easiest way I find. Usually the geometry that wormy is stuck inside is enough to contain the whole blast, and even when it doesn’t I haven’t ever seen it spread farther than the adjacent tiles (granted, this could just be good fortune for all I know). As such I tend to just end a squaddie’s turn 2-3 tiles from the infested scenery and let the wormy do its thing while I laugh.

Would be baller if worms were just as corporeal when launched as they are when they land tho. It’s not even like this is a rare occurrence; most salvos will have at least one worm disappear itself and it’s a tiresome issue to have to keep dealing with.

Idea for modders: A mod that instantly blows the stupid fucking Chiron up if any of its kiddies end up in the scenery. Not balanced, but very cathartic and poetically just.

All great idea’s and I have actually used some of them, but I had one worm stuck in the power plant, could not get it anyway I tried, not even came out for a sacrifice! Tried all the above except mind crush, didn’t have that ability at the time. So it really ended it there for me. The other bugs like the one now I am on round 8 of base attack I keep scanning for the lair but can’t find it an the red line is still growing so it has lost its gloss for me. I will try one more restart and see how that goes, however, I really hope they hold off on the add on’s till they sort this one with the balance etc… and the list goes on, before they start adding to the problems with new content. This needs to be solid first, the balance is still way off and that annoys me the most!