I missed the email about chosing for which platform I want my backer's key, what should i do?

I just noticed (1st December) that I was supposed to fillout one question survey to choose platform for which i want my key by 30th November (I want it for Steam).

I replied to the email, but I don’t know whether someone will read it or it’s dont-reply email.

What should i do?

PS: I understand if I’ll get my key bit later, but I would be disappointed to not receive it at all.

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I am in the same boat since the email said that it was my key not that I needed to respond to get the key. I missed the entirely until I went looking for the key to look at all the new developments since I played last.

I work out of internet access most of the month and i missed my chance to take the survey too, i hope something can still come of it. I’ve been waiting a year for my steam key. no where on the email it says you have a time limit to redeem.

Same here. I never got the survey, and if I did, it went to the spam box and got automatically deleted.

I made the survey and did not received a key yet…

The survey was closed on the 1st of December.

If you missed the survey please write from the email that you used for backing Phoenix Point to contact@snapshotgames.com. State if you want a key for Steam or GOG.

We will send these keys manually which will take some time, so please be patient.


Glad to know its not just me then not getting the key!

Got the answer from Twitter:
Phoenix Point


Early backers that missed the cut off for key surveys do not worry! It may take us a little longer but you will get your key. Reach out via email if you backed prior to March 12th, 2019 and have NOT taken the survey. Keys will be sent starting Thursday 10 AM PDT on release.