Backer Reward Survey Emails

We have just started to send out the emails to collect information for any backer rewards you may be entitled to.

You will receive an email if you are entitled to any of the following:

  • Name in the credits as a Bronze/Silver/Gold backer
  • Naming a soldier in the soldier roster pool
  • If you have any editions which include physical goods (Collector’s/Signed Collector’s/Figurine/Haven Leader/Weapon Engineer/Founder)
  • If you manually added any physical items to a digital order as part of crowdfunding (t-shirts/posters/keyrings).

Please complete the form by no later than November 4th to ensure you are included.
Do not share your form URL with anyone else. It is unique to you and allows us to match your response to your order.

If you purchased multiple copies of the game which include any of the above rewards, you will be emailed separately later, as we have to collect the information in a different manner.

Please allow several hours for initial emails to come through - we have a big list to send.
If you don’t see the email, please check all of your spam folders (especially the “promotions” folder for gmail users). Please also add to your white list.

Edit: Our current data for sending out surveys only covers purchases up to September 15th. If you purchased the Signature Edition after September 15th, you will receive your survey in a second batch of emails closer to release.

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Received it already and replied.

And replied! Quick question if two or more people choose the same callsign who gets preference?

Multiple people can have the same callsign, just like multiple people can have the same name.

are snapshot going to do a save option for your characters that you create so you dont having to put them in everytime you start a new game like in fraxis xcom.

Doh! Thank you for the simplest answer that I hadn’t thought of🤦🏼‍♂️

@UnstableVoltage You collect only Latin alphabet, but that also means all kind of signs like " ! @ # and all digits?

No. Punctuation most likely won’t be accepted apart from hyphens and apostrophes.

I forgot already, was this during CrowdOx?

That’s correct. During the month or so that we were taking “late pledges” via CrowdOx, backers were able to add certain items to their pledge before confirming while completing the survey.

@UnstableVoltage All mails send? Haven’t received one yet. :cry:

They should have all gone out by now, yes. if you were certain you should have received one.

can callsigns and such be in any language, so long as it uses latin alphabet?

Yes, but they will be moderated to make sure they don’t translate into anything offensive.

Hello. Kidna dumb question, but who are considered silver backers? Are these people, who have purchased the early access kit long time ago? Because I have purchased one, but it is called Platinum Edition. Does it mean that I’m not eligible for any of that stuff?

“Silver” backers would have been for the Collector’s Edition during crowdfunding and shortly after.

The early versions of the Platinum Edition included name in the credits as a Bronze backer, but that was only up until March 12th 2019.

Darn, I was too late. Thanks for info.