Signature Edition reward email not found insufficient time to claim rewards

So, I understand that those of us who purchased Signature Edition received an email at the end of October giving just around a week to respond in order to claim some rewards until 4/11/2019 and then we missed out. A single week!?!

And to cap it all I could not even seem to find such an email having checked the junk regularly too. It may have been received during a time I was unable to get in to MSN through google chrome, some weird automatic shut down that went on for some time and is resolved now. I only just saw the email today after looking through my inbox history upon realising the game is so close to release looking for anything about the rewards and how to enter name in to the soldier roster (again looking for that for months, and somehow missed it).

So, what did I miss out on? Was it just having my name on the soldier list? And who thought it a good and fair idea to give such a short time to respond to give rewards for loyal customers, who have been keen on supporting this?

I am unsure if anyone else had this issue. I spent a while looking on google for even some support ticket, so sadly I am left asking here.

The submissions stopped being accepted around Nov 23rd.

From what I remember you just missed out on submitting your soldier name to the roster. Everything else will be included with the key

Adding someone to the roster shouldn’t be a problem. I think that he missed being in paper version of credits. Or am I wrong?

if they pre-ordered before March 12th, then they’d have missed that too.

As for how easy it is to add someone to the roster: the list has been locked in so no idea

From my understanding there was a month to complete the survey unless you bought this edition after September 15th 2019.

Thanks. It looks like I saw the reminder email, and thought this was the notification. All being well it was just the soldier roster information. Certainly a month is more time. Sad though there is no other opportunity to update this come another patch, since, it was something players were charged extra for.