I received the electronic form but completed it later on November 4, 2019!

I have bought the Phoenix Point Collectors Edition (01/04/2018)
but I was able to fill out the information form only on 11/23/2019, due to problems with e-mail, tell me please, they can add the data that I indicated in the information form, the name of the soldier and the addition of the name and other privileges (sorry if there are errors in the English text)

но смог заполнить информационную форму только 23.11.2019, из за проблем с электронной почтой, подскажите пожалуйста смогут добавить данные которые я указал в информационной форме, имени солдата и добавление имени и других привилегий

Your submission will most likely have gone through successfully for everything except for your name in the credits as a backer on the physical items. The digital stuff can be edited right up until release, but I think the physical printing of the Compendium may have begun.

I don’t know for sure. If you want to double-check, I suggest emailing contact@snapshotgames.com

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many thanks )

you’re welcome

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