Game Feedback from limited gameplay

Hi, I recently got the chance to play this game (I know it’s an early build and I’m really looking forward to the ridiculously varied everything is (or at least what’s being promised).

The build I played, had me doing two or three missions (before my AV decided the game was a virus and deleted the launcher) and I noted a few things.

The sentry gun is beyond OP. I attacked an enemy base and stuck one a little bit back from the corner (this would be my second mission). The entry point was a T so the turret could cover the left fork and the extraction point and my dudes could freely go to the right. It killed about four or five crabman by itself and took very light damage. Things went okay till my dudes started running out of ammo (I had forgotten to restock their ammo before with spare magazines before starting the second mission) and my dudes started getting swamped with crab men though I was able to fight my way through those three-person structures, face-hugger egg things and more crab men to a essentially do a circular circuit to find the base structure? Base brain. During this mission, three things came to mind.

  1. The SMG is ridiculously powerful. From mid to long range it did appreciable damage and at close range, crab men were so much chum.

  2. The Shotgun. Jesus Christ. One turn, I stepped my guy around a corner, shot at a crab man taking cover. It obliterated the cover and the crabman. Same dude ran up to one of those three-people structures, killed it in a single shot and a crab man came around the corner and hit him in the arm. Killed that crab man with the engineer guy’s melee attack as he was completely out of ammo. In fact, all I had left were a couple bullets for the sniper’s rifle and pistol and my final clip for the shotgun Swapped the shotgun to another guy and at this point no more crab men were spawning. He ran to two squares before the central base thing and fired his shotgun and killed it in one hit. I’m guessing that’s going to get fixed later because it did something like forty HP of damage.

  3. Next mission, some enemy base is being attacked by the aliens, I send my team over loaded for bear. I sent down both sentries as close to the middle of the map as possible. They shred everything though the engineer himself gets popped with some lucky hits. (It’s weird he can’t deploy the sentry on the opposite side of the cover he’s using like the following:


E = engineer
| = Barrier
O = deployable location
X = Non deployable location

In regards to the primary rifle, I think it and the SMG’s traits should be reversed and adjusted with the rifle having a sweet spot that’s between medium and long range and to suffer the closer the enemy get with the shotgun being good up to medium range and short range but not as good as it currently is. The SMG should be the same as the shotgun but less damage for more attacks before needing to reload.

The heavy weapon’s guy, his minigun should function like a kind of amalgamation of the rifle and the SMG in that it’s effective starting from the middle of short to medium to the middle of medium to long range and it’s ammo should be unlimited with it instead having a heat build up mechanic instead. Miniguns or heavy machine guns tend to chew through ammo in moments with modern miniguns firing at a rate of 6,000 bullets a minute and heavy gunners shouldn’t really need to worry about conserving their ammo.

For the world map, there are a few things which could be cleared up on such as how do you re-arm your guys? As in how do you get spare clips? I wasn’t able to find this out before my AV decided to kill the launcher. I get that you get a single clip for each weapon (I think) but how do you get secondary clips because for that third mission, I filled my guy’s backpacks with grenades. The only thing I got to build was the radar station because of the resources I got from clearing out that base and the first mission which had a few crates loaded with grenades and nothing else.

[Edit] While I do like the TU mechanic (I hate the two action mindset that the imposter X-Com games used) I still honestly prefer the original TU mechanic.

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There is proper option on bottom of the screen when you select preferred weapon.