Backer Build 5 and Release Date Update

The Backer Builds will be available to all of those who paid the extra cost to receive early access.

Ok so this is good news for early-acces buyers only. Now it sounds like there is an upside to this story for every backer.

I chose my tier based on a release date of which i thought i could sit out. But it keeps growing, and no guarentee this is the last delay. Don’t you feel backers who didn’t choose ‘early-acces’ should have right to play the beta about now ~1 year after promised delivery date? At a certain point it grows unfair.

I guess its ok now, whats another 3 more months… But please please consider this if there is another delay in future…

The game that is finally released should be really something memorable. I trust Julian perhaps more than I should, but it is not like my life depends upon it. OTOH, Julian’s livelihood & reputation does depend upon the quality of this final release, so I’m not overly concerned. At age 71, waiting is not something you do comfortably any more, but so be it. Better to live with a positive outlook than a negative one, I say.


But that would be unfair to those who have paid extra. :wink:

Listen, if you really want to play bugged backers build before game release you can always buy game second time, but this time on higher tier. It will show how much passionate you are and how you can’t wait to use Rage Burst with Hel Cannon! :alien:

Thanks for the update guys! Look forward to seeing the changes <3

No it would not be unfair to them. In what world would that be unfair…
You backed for early beta access with a release date in 2018. That has been stretched considerably. So that has been more than fullfilled. All backers should already have fullfilment by now. That is called fair, nothing else.

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Gears 5 and Borderlands 3 are both released in September :wink:.
That’s why Mechwarrior 5 won’t be released according to Russ Bullock (President Piranha Games) if you want to believe him. Oh and yes - it is another game I backed which is now an Epic Store exclusive. This is Offtopic though.

The EGS has another 4-5 months time now. Maybe you’ll get cloudsaves till then. I doubt that the mod support will be ready (this genre needs mods) and don’t even think about achievements.

Nevertheless have fun with BB5 and good luck with the release on February 2020 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m actually quite relieved by this news! September did seem like too soon of a launch date. December, right around the Christmas rush, is both a better time market-wise for release and it will give you guys the time you need to polish things up. I’ll still play the game, as I’m sure many others will.

Lower tiers offered keys for the game when it is finished, higher tiers offer access to pre-release backer beta. Beta5 is still pre-release build. I saw the same argument made when another crowdfunded project was delayed. Postponing release date doesn’t make lower purchases eligible for higher tier rewards. Higher tier packages are still available for sale. Not all players who have access to beta are original backers.

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Right decision and we now get some backer love

So technicly the release date is an estimation not a promise. And technicly I never bought a product on fig. And technicly its beta until they say its released. And technicly it would be available on steam but they never said it would be immediatly after release. But even though its all technicly correct, thanks for pointing out dear lawyers, i still feel kinda screwed. I’m merely asking them to consider releasing beta to all backers if there will be another delay after this. Not because its technicly correct, but because it would be morally right towards ‘expectations’ of backers of all tiers.

You did not pay for early access, and you don’t have it. Now you claim that since you would have the game now if it was not delayed, it entitles you to a early access. Well, it does not. It would be an equivalent of me saying “You promised BB every two months, I demand BB13”, and I would, technically, have more right than you, since I actually paid for it. What you are doing is begging, in literal sense. As much as I dislike Yokes, he is right, you can’t get for free something we paid for. We would also have the full game if it got out earlier, but we have to wait. An so shall you, as everybody else.

Oh, you had yet more audacity, even if everybody called you wrong. No, you begging is not morally correct. Begging to get something for free, while others have payed for it is opposite. You are so delusional, that in your head, just waiting made you deserve something. It doesn’t, stop pestering everybody.

Is that so much? May I ask why, so I might improve? :slight_smile:

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lol hell freezes over before we will see such happening. With all the money they were throwing around them, you would expect they could give us a better client. (Cloud saves should have been released in may, now some days ago there are a few games for testing cloud saves).

Conspiracy theory: Phoenix Point delays are just because of the missing cloud saves from Epic? :crazy_face:

Don’t take it seriously. :blush:

Your way of addressing people is “overly-polite”, and looks from insincere to downright creepy. But, if you are from Czechia or Poland, it understandable, as that is how they speak there, and I am 90% sure you are.

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Im merely asking the devs to consider opening the game to all fig backers if there will be delay after this one in 3 months from now.

Read again gladiator. You come here swords drawn saying im ‘claiming’ ‘demanding’ and ‘begging’. Read everything, count to ten, then post. But rather not to me, it was to the devs. I don’t need these outbursts

Ok, then.

  1. Repeated request, polite or otherwise, to get something you are not entitled in any way, that someone has got and paid for, and you don’t have since you did not, often with moral repercussions mentioned, is, by the definition begging. I am not attacking you, or claiming that was your intention, but that is what you did.
  2. Did not come “swords drawn”, you repeated same thing over and over again, even if everyone disagrees.
    But, credit where the credit is due, you were polite. You seem like a decent human being, and that is the only reason I am responding. Devs noted your request, you noted that people disagree, and that’s that. Do not repeat same the same thing. Only add to the tread if you have something new to add, for example, how it’s fair for others that disagree that you get early access. Again, I’m not claiming I am right, I’m claiming you need some solid arguments if you want to be considered. You can see this as talking-down or help, it’s up to you.

I’m not repeatedly requesting devs: I’m repeatedly explaining myself.
I don’t want any reply from devs (cause i only wanted it considered, not answered) and i guess the only way keeping you out of my mailbox is unsubscribing.

Sorry UV for off topic.

Interesting, I have never felt this way, as I am practically always sincere in the mean of honest. But if you mean sincere like heartfelt then, yes I put jokes and irony to work when I see ungrateful or hateful people. It is stronger than me to do so, instead of politely exchange arguments with the adversary, if he’s wrong and tries to defend his opinion despite previous arguments disproving his opinion. There can also be two other factors involved here:

  • my english is far from perfect and I often use simple words and short phrases to describe situation
  • and this

Second option here. I suppose we can’t see this in our behavior or way of talking until someone from the “outside” will point it out.

At this point I want to apologize to anyone who felt resentful. As I just want to fight and criticize opinions not the people.

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