Aspida is massive click bait and useless

The description of aspida is that it can heal anywhere on the battlefield. Which is a HUGE lie. It can only heal in melee which is ridicilious due to its weak health/armor and its bad manuverability in most maps without destroying important cover around the unit it triest to heal.
I was honestly suprised it had an attack ability but was even more suprised it is also a melee option.

Seriously whoever tought that a support is weak and all its ability is melee in a primarily range fight game… (game is beyond awesome tho, but this)

Even if we look at the part where it chases melee units. It can only move one unit cuz it’s heal is 3 unit out of 4 like wtf. There is no mathmatical situation that you can chase even 1 unit that runs in melee and also be able to heal it and by some miracle even get into a cover or provide as a cover.

Seriously if the only thing it would do is just heal i would be able to swallow the 3 unit cost, but actually do it in unlimited range as was described (hinted as) and we are fine.

Or make it’s heal cost only 1 unit. Or leave it at 3 but grant ability to cast on itself so at least it could be used as a cover. Or keep it 3 points but grant it a drone launch like ability where the drone walks to our units and blows up healing all nearby (you know what i mean).

Or if nothing change one thing can still save it. Let it count as a single unit on deploy. It can stay 3 slot on airship, but let it only eat up only 1 slot on deploy screen. (i think the mutog does that, not sure tho)

yes yes i know it repairs armor too, but does anyone seriously give a crap? The only part that would be usefull if you could deploy next to other vehicles which you cannot.

Or at least tell me what went trough the designer head when they dreamed up this abomination in a perfect game, it is a bigger mistery for me at the moment then how I lived to see a game this good.

I didn’t dare to try this. I have a question : does it repair broken limbs ? It would be the only utility of a healer vehicle, since medikits are health potions.

yes it heals broken limbs and heals them to full.

but still for 3 soldier slots, that is extremely expensive, the heal does cost 3 out of the vehicles 4 AP and the heal is in melee range of the vehicle. so you won’t be saving a badly clobbered frontliner if the vehicle is some distance away. a technician with the relevant skill will only heal limbs up to 10 points…but does so for 1AP and can stack a 1AP 120 general heal on top of that. and…only takes up 1 soldier slot.

the vehicle can double as a capture support as 20 paralysis for 2 AP isn’t half bad, but again its barely compensation for 3 slots. and the player gets acces to extremely potent capture options in other ways (notably the rage burst athena…8? (whatever the athena magazine size is) X 15 paralysis) even if you have 3 guys dash up to an enemy and stab it with the neurazor you’ll out-do the aspida in that aspect.

it can also act like an APC and has the typical mechanical immunities…but its the most fragile and least armored of the bunch…so its unlikely you’ll want this one loaded with troops anywhere near the front. (actually this function is only really passable when you use the armadillo)

in effect…it does what a single technician can do…slightly better then the technician. but the technician is 1/3th the soldier slot price…and can do more then heal (limbs) and paralyze enemies.

Arf, hard :confused:

So maybe with a 1 AP heal usable une time per turn, it would be worth ?

Aspida sucks, Mutog dies in one turn (I like theses good boys, but they are a bit useless), vehicles… Well, we don’t use them.

Turns out it is actually really strong with turret guys.
It can heal up turrets and the turret guys can unload heal the vehicle pop a random shot and get back inside. While the thing systematically heal up turrets.
The whole thing last until the armor holds which is quite a bit.

As far as I can tell it oly good for exploring tho cuz its amazing against ambush, but its super immobile setup in other deffend missions, It is also good to draw a lot of attention while youre other operatives do theire thing.

I still think it needs a buff to be able to use in more mobile missions. I think the best would be just to have its abilities always apply to all surrounding tiles. So if ppl go around it it can heal up everyone around it with that 3 ap. Same goes for its attack. Altho I wouldnt mind if it would just be remowed. If its the last man standing the mission auto fails anyways, which is a huge lol. (left it at a base that was attacked and it auto ended before turn one).